Episode 338, The Rant: Shaquille Mosley.

Episode 338 August 17, 2021 01:36:35
Episode 338, The Rant: Shaquille Mosley.
The Rant
Episode 338, The Rant: Shaquille Mosley.

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Uniondale Legend. Eternal Hooper, making a difference in his life, and others. 

Shaq don’t even remember when we played against each other 10 years ago. In this pod, we discuss his early life playing basketball, his tenacious work ethic that made him a beast at it, his pursuit of greatness, his experience playing basketball in high school and college, hooping all over the place and everywhere in between, and his experience running Shaq Attack Academy.  All that and more, my conversation with Shaq, now. 

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