Episode 337, The Rant: Ryan Walker. Wavy! Part 2 - The Return.

Episode 337 August 13, 2021 00:39:57
Episode 337, The Rant: Ryan Walker. Wavy! Part 2 - The Return.
The Rant
Episode 337, The Rant: Ryan Walker. Wavy! Part 2 - The Return.

Show Notes

Newly-Minted Master of Ceremonies at Crunchtime Basketball.

One year and a pandemic ago, we could only but visualize what Summer Basketball in New York would be like. The time is now, and everything that we worked for came to fruition. We chop it up with Wavy, after a long night on the mic about spectating all these games that came out, and showing up and showing out for Long Island. Ryan Walker, Part 2, the return, now. 

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