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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 298, The Rant: Marc Riley.

    From Monday to Monday, chances are if your in SUSA, you’ve seen Coach Riley coming in, and most likely headed out. In this pod we discuss the state of coaching in a pause of a pandemic, his come up with sports, his time playing Football, to his ever-affinity love, the ...


  2. Episode 297, The Rant: Wilson Lew.

    Wilson has roots deep engrained in him, with the game of Basketball. In this pod, we discuss his early life in Brooklyn, his hustle playing on the asphalt ad nausea, to his adventures playing all around NYC, and making his imprint with the Asphalt Ninjas. All that and more, ...


  3. Episode 296, The Rant: Josh Corbin.

    As a ref, Josh and I have had our share of “debates.” In this pod, we discuss, a strange Flag Football game experience we shared, his come up in Westbury, NY, what led him to LuHi, his experience playing in college at Iona, and his giveback as an assistant ...


  4. Episode 295, The Rant: Philippe Francois Part 3.

    A week before the Basketball Season start for me, and deep into his season, we see the similarities and differences of what his season looked like, looks like, and what mine will. Also, I discuss what I think will happen during this season, and put a time stamp before it ...


  5. Episode 294, The Rant: Mason Fornoles.

    On a historic snowy day in New York, we sit down with my first born on his 8th birthday. Mason, aside from being his 4h appearance on The Rant, among many interruptions, this is 3rd time he’s had no school due to inclement weather, and even one birthday on the ...