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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 23 - John Schroeder - Servicing Soccer, Battles in Basketball, and his Eternal Love of Lacrosse_

    Although I met him through Basketball, I learned in 4 quarters that John is an official's official. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, that includes Championship games in Soccer, High Level Basketball, and his favorite sport - Lacrosse. He discusses his battles in each sport, and his ...


  2. Episode 22 - Barry Getzoff - A Side Hustle King, Moving his Kingdom from New York, to Sunny Florida

    I’ve been to many many battles with Barry Getzoff. A great man who officiates Basketball and Baseball, and added a sport that’s near and dear to my heart - Flag Football. We discuss how he got into officiating, his experiences in New York, and how it compares to ...


  3. Episode 21 - Cassio Machado - Navigating the Basketball Reffing game in Australia, and Brazil, and how it stacks up to the US

    In Brazil, Footbol is king. But somewhere along the way, Cassio found a love of officiating in Basketball. He went to Australia, and back to Brazil only to live and tell the tale. This young man heard the podcast, THE RANT, abroad and wanted to hop on. ...


  4. Episode 20 - Sandeep Singh - Rookie Ref, Board 119, Young SABL OG

    Being raised all around SABL, Playing, Stat Keeping, and Finally Officiating at a Gym Near You, Sandeep Singh has been always around. He sits down with the Rant to describe him watching his older cousins, how he got involved with Stat keeping, and now officiating under the Queens Boy’s ...


  5. Episode 19 - Bryan Jones - Officating Basketball Center Stage with his Nieces, Nephews and everyone in Between

    For all intents and purposes, Bryan Jones is my mentor. He was the first one that saw me, and told me if I took this game serious, that I could go places. Today, we pull up in a basement to discuss his illustrious career as a Basketball official, his ...