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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 79, The Rant: AJ Hemmingway - Balancing Work, Life, and Officiating, all in Pursuit of the Highest Level of Men’s College Basketball.

    AJ played ball as early as he can remember. In this pod he discusses his travels in the AAU circuit as a kid, how he played at a high level at Brooklyn College, and his new passion that he unexpectedly took on as an official. He discusses how officiating ...


  2. Episode 78, The Rant: Katrina Plummer - High Level Multi Sport Athlete, Multi Sport Official In Soccer and Basketball, and Director of Women’s Premier League.

    Katrina knows a thing or two about being courted. She was blessed to be gifted at many sports, including Soccer, Lacrosse, and Basketball. In this pod she discusses her playing days, her experience in college, her advice to kids in their own recruitment process, as well as her career as ...


  3. Episode 77, The Rant: Nyreaf George - Multi-sport Official, Single Minded Purpose in Making Refereeing Work For Him.

    Nyreaf and I go back to my CYO days in Basketball. I saw him here and there, but we just started having conversation longer than this blurb. In this pod, we discuss his start in officiating, how he balances assigning, as well as being a great official outside ...


  4. Episode 76, The Rant: Nicole Robinson. Shooting Star in Basketball Officiating. Unlimited Potential Being Realized by the Day.

    It was evident when speaking to Nicole that there was a humble-yet-aggressive demeanor in her style. In this pod she discusses her love of Basketball, how her father has crystallized Officiating as an avenue to stay in the game, and what her future holds. All that and more, my conversation ...


  5. Episode 75, The Rant: Chiené Joy Jones - All encompassing lover of Basketball - Former Baller, Passionate Coach, Athletic Director, and Up and Coming Basketball Official.

    We pulled up to the Gauchos Gym in the BX to sit down with Chiené. In the pod we discuss her come up playing at NYU, her experience coaching kids to their own athletic scholarships, and her new found passion and give back to the game, officiating. All that and ...