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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 9 - Serving The Game and the Officiating Community with Crown Ref's very own - Paul Diasparra

    We stop in the Crown Basketball facility to talk to Paul Diasparra, founder and creator of Crown Refs. The IG page is designed to help basketball officials improve their craft. He is currently a high level high school and division 2 collegiate Basketball official, and going further by ...


  2. Episode 8 - Sticky Situations and Rules Talk with Steve Baum

    We close out another work week with Steve Baum. We discuss sticky situations that transpired from the week that was, and go over a Girl’s Middle School quiz, for you to download. I hope you enjoy. Next week, we will be bigger, and better. We promise. ...


  3. Episode 7 - Vball and B-ball with Steve Kaufmann

    Steve Kaufmann is searching for that feel, the feel that he already has in Basketball. As he has mastered officiating in the high school ranks, he is trying to double down and do the same with Volleyball. Will Baseball be next? We find out in episode 7 ...


  4. Episode 6 – Reffing, Playing, and Commissioning with Kash: Thanos of the SABL Universe

    This special edition of The Rant is a collaboration with SABL - otherwise known as the South Asian Basketball League. Our guest this episode is Kash, with a K. I like to call him the Thanos of the SABL - he’s the commissioner, he’s a player, and he’s ...


  5. Episode 5 - Hardball & Hoops with Ray Valeriano

    Ray Valeriano, rising star as an umpire, who recently passed the certification for Girl’s Basketball. It’s been a pleasure to share the diamond with him, and now, the hardwood. He wants to be great on his own accord, and he already is, as one of his redeeming qualities is ...