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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 329, The Rant: Jeff Lescouflair Part 3, The Comeback.

    After a seemingly never ending bout with Vaccines, Covid, and Sabbatical’s, June 1st is a rebirth. We are back. In this pod, we discuss me being sick and out of commission, what Jeff’s been up to with the Pandemic nearing it’s end, and what we both plan for the summer. ...


  2. Episode 328, The Rant: Rob Bruin.

    As an early supporter of the pod, this episode was a long time coming. In this wide-ranging podcast, we chop it up with Rob about his podcast, his favorite rapper, his experience at the New House School at Syracuse University, his pandemic experience, and all things not officiating. All that ...


  3. Episode 327, The Rant - Evan Conti.

    Coach Conti loves Basketball through and through. In this pod, we discuss his early life playing Ball, his experience in the Catholic League, his times playing in college, his memorable stint as a pro overseas, his time coaching at the college level, and coaching at the Level Up program. All ...


  4. Episode 326, The Rant: Karima Penasa.

    It was 1 year, and 1 global pandemic ago, since we last spoke to one Karima. In this pod, we discuss the twists and turns that is being an official during age of CoronaVirus, what she’s been up to, and what she will be doing when things return to ...


  5. Episode 325, The Rant: Joe Gaskin.

    Year in and year out, if your watching a High School Basketball game in Nassau County, chances are Joe Gaskin is at the helm. In this pod, we discuss his early life in Williston Park, his short athletic stint at St. Mary’s in High School, his father being his guiding ...