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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 28, the Rant: Joe Flick! Board 127 Boy’s Basketball Official, CHSAA Staple, Avid Runner, and his pursuit to be a Division 1 College Official.

    Joe Flick is an inspiration to us at Referee Rant. As you know I go to championship games annually, and pit myself with the other refs to reflect on if I am ready. Joe participated in one of these championship games, this year, thus starting our friendship. ...


  2. Episode 27, the Rant: Ernie Rudloff - Board 119 Interpreter, NBWBOA Women’s Official, and Mentor to Countless.

    For nearly 5 decades, Ernie Rudloff has put an imprint in the refereeing game, especially in the Northeast region. Aside from his many, many accolades, some of which include officiating Division one for both the Men’s and Women’s side, he is an inspiration, a mentor, and a friend to ...


  3. Episode 26, the Rant: Jason Gant! Officiating Bowl Games in the NCAA, Division 2 College Women’s Basketball, being a NIRSA director, and growing the sport he loves, Flag Football

    Jason Gant is a renaissance man when it comes to officiating. We share a bond as Ravens fans, and surely he ref’s like a Raven. How many people do you know ref Division 1 Football Division 2 Women’s Basketball, all the while have time to run a successful ...


  4. Episode 25, The Rant: Jared Jacobson, officiating in NYC and the College Ranks

    We sit down with Jared Jacobson, New York City A veteran, and Men’s College Official. He discusses his origins in officiating in Boston, his experience with reffing the best games in NYC, and his pursuit to become a Division 1 Men’s College Official. All that and more. My ...


  5. Episode 24 - Fabian-Jara - Juggling-Family, Work, and Basketball and being the Best at all things at all times.

    Fabian lights up in anything he’s involved with; whether it’s being a Dean of a high school, being a Salsa Instructor, being a great husband, and of course when it comes to officiating the game of Basketball. It’s a great conversation where Fabe discusses his love for basketball, nutrition, ...