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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 33, the Rant: Derek Maddrey - NYC PSAL Legend, Dual Member of Board 41 & 119, and an Island Garden Staple.

    A professional in every way, Derek imposed his wisdom early on me, which informed the rest of how I handled my own officiating career. He taught me how to be stern, he taught me how to be fair, and he taught me most of all, how to manage the ...


  2. Episode 32, the Rant: Lindsay McBean: NBWBOA official, Passionate Coach, and Collegiate Basketball Athlete

    Lindsay McBean and I took the Girl’s Basketball Officiating class a few years back. I’ve been on the court with her in various ways; I’ve officiated with her, I’ve seen her ask clarification for a rule while being a head coach, and I’ve seen her drive down the lane ...


  3. Episode 31, the Rant: Coach Von: Playing and TEACHING the Game of Volleyball, and the Game of Life.

    As everyone may or may not know, I could never officiate the game of Volleyball. It means too much to me, and Coach Von does as well. For all intents and purposes I’m her right hand. For 10 short weeks from August to November, we have the same ...


  4. Episode 30, the Rant: Stewart Davis. Board 119 Legend, Madison Square Garden Clock Resetter, Collegiate Volleyball Official, Head Football Ref, Girl’s Lacrosse, and Flag Football Staple.

    Stewart Davis lived a full life; so full, that it would be full if it were 2 decades ago. An accomplished official in Lacrosse, Flag Football, Volleyball, and Basketball, Stew discusses his love for sports, his addiction to thinking, and getting paid, resetting the shot clock at Knicks game, ...


  5. Episode 29, The Rant. G3G Basketball founders Devrinn Paul and Gabby Gibson. Playing, Coaching, Reffing, and Training, all for the Game they Love: Basketball

    G3G Basketball has already been a success. They have taught countless young men and women to reach new heights and skill in the game of Basketball. Devrinn and Gabby talk about their own journeys within the game of Basketball, how they met, their experiencing playing and coaching, and ...