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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 43, The Rant: Anthony Puccio. From the Meadowlands, to the Prudential, all the way to the Barclay's Center. Brooklyn Net's Fan Turned Beat Writer.

    Since age 7, a young Pooch has been enthralled by the Nets. he is the new form of reporter, who started writing documents on Microsoft Word which led him to the parquet floor in downtown Brooklyn. He discusses his love of basketball, his love of flag football, and ...


  2. Episode 42, the Rant: Sky Khaleel - D1 Basketball Player, Turned Coach/Ref, turned AAU program director for the non-profit Sky’s the Limit Basketball.

    Basketball has done so much for Sky’s life thus far. He was able to play at the highest level in college, coach in the AAU circuit, and even ref at a high level in the Tri State area. We discuss his come up, his playing days, how he ...


  3. Episode 41, the Rant: Mike Horrey - Keeping Uniforms around the World Tucked, and Officiating at a High Level.

    Not only is Mike a high level official in New Jersey, he looks doing it. In this pod, we discuss him scoring 1,000 points in high school, his track and field career, and the problem he solved with his unique product - Neat Tucks. All that and more, ...


  4. Episode 40, the Rant: Claire Canty - Boss Lady of Board 41, and Officiating the Game she Loves, Lacrosse.

    I hope everybody gets a chance to officiate with a referee like Claire - she’s ambitious, courageous, and most importantly, professional. The Rant sits down with her to discuss her days playing Lacrosse in high school, her collegiate experience at Wesleyan College, her journey in officiating, and how she ...


  5. Episode 39, the Rant: Karima Penesa, Being Home Schooled, Officiating in the state of New Mexico, and Finding The Right Mentors to Push her to the Next Level

    Karima not only has potential, she has kinetic energy. She took officiating the game of Basketball to the next level, meeting the right mentors in New Mexico and Colorado respectively. She talks about growing up, learning how to referee a basketball game, and her goals beyond. All ...