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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 69, The Rant: Christian Rios - the Eleven in Eleven44, the Gray Eminence and Aesthetic Director of Referee Rant.

    Christian never was, or will be, an official. However, he’s official in anything he does, whether it be graphic design, photography, or editing The Rant. In this pod, we discuss the partner, that’s deafening in his silence, his experience creating Referee Rant, and his reluctance to put a ...


  2. Episode 68, The Rant: Blake Redford. - Shadow Reffing, Mirror Officiating, taking a look at himself - to be the best that he can be as an Official in Basketball.

    Failure is something and I that Blake can relate to - like me, he failed the first time he tried to get certified for Basketball; only the first time I failed, it was the first time he passed, on his second go round. In this pod, he discusses his ...


  3. Episode 67, The Rant: Michael Kitts Jr. - Division 1 College Basketball Official, Tek Officials Referee Apparel Creator.

    Mike already knew, at an early age, that keeping the integrity of the game, was important: An official was and is integral in any type of game. In this pod, we discuss his come up, how mentors have helped him get to the top level of the college ...


  4. Episode 66, The Rant: Shanade Bernard - New York State Federation Official, High Level Basketball Official in Every Venue She Officiates.

    There’s a cool, calm, and confident air that surrounds Shanade. In this pod, we pull up at the fabled Lincoln Park in Queens, NY, where she discusses her start in cheerleading, her meaningful mentors that mean everything to her, and her pursuit to conquer all her goals, one whistle at ...


  5. Episode 65, The Rant: Bryant Lassiter - Women’s College Assistant Coach, Former Collegiate Athlete at NYIT, and Founder of the Long Island Tournament, Rivalries Never Die.

    Bryant Lassiter, aka Mook, has always played with a chip on a shoulder. That chip was able to be brushed off, which made him a successful college basketball player, and a successful coach at NYIT: He also discusses his inspiration starting the tournament that showcases the best head-to-head battles ...