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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 89, The Rant. Orrin Barfield. Elite Collegiate & High School Basketball Official, Mentor to Many, and Still Improving.

    We pulled up at the Rivalries Never Die earlier in the summer to get Orrin to discuss his journey in officiating. In it, he discusses how he stumbled upon reffing, when he took it serious, and how he stays sharp after all these years. All that and more, ...


  2. Episode 88, The Rant: Dagan Nelson. NYU Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Master Communicator & Motivator

    It’s been 2 decades since I’ve seen or spoken to Coach Nelson. He took some time out of his busy recruiting and pre-season schedule to talk to the Rant about his amazing journey in coaching that started with coaching a JV team on Long Island, his travels, his mentors ...


  3. Episode 87, The Rant: Herving Armand: Motor-Cycle Riding, Deep-Thinking 2nd Year Official Mastering Basketball, Soccer, and Baseball, one Sport at a Time.

    Herv has always been involved in sports. From growing up in Queens and playing at the Collegiate level, he wanted to continue with sports after. Enter officiating; in this pod we discuss all that, his experience juggling multiple sports, his experience trying to master said sports, and what the future ...


  4. Episode 86, The Rant: Speedy Claxton: Former Christ the King Standout, Hofstra Basketball King, NBA Champion, and Current Assistant Coach for the Hofstra Pride Men’s Basketball Team.

    We pulled up at my alma mater, Hofstra University, to record with Coach Claxton to talk to his exploits on the Basketball court. We discuss his journey that took him from Corona Queens, to the NCAA Tournament, his travels in the NBA, and what led him back home. ...


  5. Episode 85, The Rant: Cassio Machado and Ralph the Ref discuss the special Ebook inspired by the first 50 episodes of the Rant, The Rant Replay.

    There were so many quotes that you could sift out of the first 50 episodes, and it needed to be preserved in writing for posterity. In this pod we discuss the genesis of the project, the transcribing of the quotes, how it’s help me master English, and our favorite episodes ...