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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 286, The Rant: Kerry Connolly

    Talking to Coach Connolly, it was evident his passion that he has for coaching the game of Basketball. In this pod, we discuss his come up playing sports, his time at Holy Trinity HS, his coaching stints far and wide, what he learned on being on the bench and ...


  2. Episode 285, The Rant: Sky Khaleel.

    On the same day the King, Lebron James earned his 4th ring in a bubble, I caught up with Sky, to talk about what he’s been up to during the pandemic. A lot has changed since we sat down over 200 + episodes ago. Married, new kid, and figuring out ...


  3. Episode 284, The Rant: Samera Marsh.

    When catching up with Samera she’ll do anything for the game that she loves - Basketball. In this pod, we discuss her roots in NYC, her high school and collegiate career, how she got into coaching, how she almost officiated, and what it is like to coach Division 1 Basketball ...


  4. Episode 283, The Rant: Chad Marchong.

    Shout out to Chad Marchong. If it wasn't for hi some 15 years ago, perhaps I would have never played Basketball again; hell - I may have never officiated. In this pod, we catch up and discuss what he's been up to during the pandemic, the Senate Run Off in ...


  5. Episode 282, The Rant: Shay Frankin - Part 2, The Return.

    It’s been a pandemic ago since I’ve seen Shay. In this pod, we catch up in her home to find out what she’s been up to during the Pandemic, how here family stuck together, and got closer, her self-revelations, and coaching and reffing Basketball, any time she can. Part 2 ...