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Referee's have a voice. We are always on the defensive. This is our avenue to be on the offensive. For, we have something to say.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 355, The Rant: Kevin Hanifan.

    Former Head Coach of the Boy’s Varsity Football Team at Kellenberg Memorial High School, basking in retirement, forever a Firebird.Almost since the school's inception, Coach Hanifan has been there. In this pod, we sit down with the newly retired legend to discuss his early life in Hicksville, NY, ...


  2. Episode 354, The Rant: Justin Bailey, Part 3 - The Return.

    Board 119 Certified Basketball Official, Owner and Operator of the outfit, Ref Corner.   It was a pandemic ago since we linked up. In person, and still in it, we chop it up at the chop shop to discuss what Justin has been up to, his officiating experience in Omicron, his sabbatical ...


  3. Episode 353, The Rant: Jack Cella.

    Board 185 Certified Basketball Official. In hot pursuit of his goal of being an NCAA Division 1 Official - All while displaying it through - The Official Grind. Right before the Pandemic, Jack converted from a Coach to a Basketball Official. In this pod, we discuss his early life growing up ...


  4. Episode 352, The Rant: Malachi Wilson.

    Board 41 Certified Basketball Official. Teaching others to become a Millionaire, they Methodical Way. Malachi and I have shared the same passion of Basketball, simultaneously, in different circles, for more than half of our lives. In this pod, we sit down with Malachi to discuss his love for the sport, ...


  5. Episode 351, The Rant: Marty Chiffriller - Part 2, The Return.

    It’s the holidays, and the beats and rhythms of the Basketball season are as normal as it can be. Knocking on wood, we get together before the thick of the holidays to catch up, to discuss the evolution of the pandemic, his experience in reffing the 21’-22’ season, and the ...